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Safe-Run Group files lawsuit to confirm the non-infringement of VMI patents Share to:

As VMI claims that the Safe-Run Group has infringed upon its patents without offering legally admissible evidence, and in order to protect the legal rights of the Safe-Run Group, the Group has officially submitted indictments to the court and requests the court to confirm that Safe-Run does not infringe upon some of VMI’s patent rights. The Safe-Run Group has decided to use official and legal means to protect its legal rights as a Chinese corporation.


Below is the official statement from the Safe-Run Group:

1. The Safe-Run Group respects all the positive contributions that VMI has made to the improvement of the industry. However this does not imply that VMI can claim infringement on its patent rights by Safe-Run Group without any factual or legal proof.

2. The Safe-Run Group has the resolution, confidence and capacity to defend and protect its legal rights.


        From the first establishment of the Safe-Run Group, it has consistently focused on the research, development and innovation of independent technology, and it has already applied for and been granted many national-level patents. The Safe-Run Group will continue to focus on intellectual property and increase its investment in research and development, to maintain the competitive strength of its products through technological innovation. Besides this, as a responsible company, the Safe-Run Group has resolved to take this patent dispute as an opportunity: to actively engage with this challenge, to further focus on the development strategies of its intellectual property, and to strengthen awareness of intellectual property protection. The Safe-Run Group strives to make a positive contribution to the development of the national industry. 

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